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Try Brazilian hair treatments and blowouts

From daily shampooing to damaging dyes and chemicals, your hair goes through a lot of damage. Treat your scalp and your hair to a luxurious Brazilian blowout. Brazilian blowouts are the most popular har care treatment available, proven to smooth and strengthen your hair.

The French Twist Salon specializes in Brazilian blowout treatments and can renew the look and feel of your hair, even after years of coloring and shampooing damage. Schedule an appointment today and see the difference for yourself.

Everything your hair needs

Take your frizzy or dull hair and completely transform it with Brazilian hair treatments and blowouts. The French Twist Salon offers a wide range of treatments and coloring aftercare, including:

Hire conditioning treatments
Split end correction treatments
Frizz control treatments

Put shine and volume back into your hair with a rejuvenating Brazilian blowout. Call to schedule your hair care treatment today.